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Mitten crab

With an armor of more than 7 cm and fairly long legs, the mitten crab is a striking appearance. This species' distinguishing features are the dense patches of dark hair on its claws witch look like mittens. That is how it got its name.  During the day they stay in their holes that they dig in the banks and at night they go out to look for food. With their digging they regularly bring harm to the far shore defenses .

Chinese mitten crabs are omnivores and they are certainly not picky , they will eat everything they find.  They displace native species, not only other crab species but even species such as the European crayfish . Also Mitten crabs are known for their aggressive behavior .

The mitten crab was first reported in Europe in 1912 in the river Elbe in Germany . They probably came as larvae in the ballast tanks of ships from Asia . These larvae were discharged together with the ballast water in the German rivers . From here, the species has spread across Europe . In the Netherlands the species is now found along all the great waters , both fresh , brackish and salt water and can survive under very poor conditions . In England he was first found in 1935 . Now Mitten crabs are not only found along all the coasts of Europe, but they are found in America also.

The mitten crab is a delicacy in Chinese cuisine and is eaten mainly by Chinese.

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