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The shell of the oyster is very thick and variable in shape . Usually more or less round, but often also rectangular or
horseshoe -shaped. The bottom shell is a hollow container and the top is flat . Both valves have a very flaky sculpture . The color is variable. It can be yellowish white , gray or purple/brown, with irregular spots . The inside is shiny white.
The oyster lives attached to hard surface in clear, calm salt water and occurs primarily the lower tidel zone approximately 60 meters deep. The oyster belongs to the epifauna because it is attached an therefore immobile. Other , already established oysters can also serve as an hard surface on which other oyster attach themselves.  This could end up with large quantities of oysters who live close together. Such concentrations are called Oyster beds

Meromar Seafoods BV can deliver this product in various shapes and sizes.

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