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Razors are also called Razor Clam .The two valves that make up the shell of the razor clams are parallel-sided, narrow and curved.  The valves are thin and rather brittle. The edges are parallel, tapering slightly towards the posterior,  the maximum height is located almost in the center.  The shell is sculpted with fine co-marginal lines and the annual growth lines can be seen. The different species have a lock with small teeth. The left valve has two cardinal and two lateral teeth, while the right valve has one of each.
The inner side of the shell is white with a purplish sheen. The periostracum is olive green and the foot is reddish. Two identifying features are that the posterior adductor muscle is positioned some one and a half times its own length from the pallial sinus, and that the muscle that retracts the foot is posterior to the insertion point of the ligature.
The size of the shell of the Dutch species (ensis directus, ensis ensis of ensis minor) can be up to 16 cm with a height of about 3 cm. The larger species ( ensis siliqua ) can reach a length of 25 cm with a height of about 5 cm .

The Razor  burrows into clean or silty sand on the seabed in the neritic zone and the low intertidal zone. When covered with water this bivalve remains close to the surface but when disturbed or when the substrate is exposed it descends to half a metre below the surface. It can tunnel with great rapidity. It has two short siphons that normally extend up to the surface of the sand. It draws in water through one siphon and expels it through the other. By this means it both respires and extracts food particles from the water at the same time. At low tide, a keyhole-shaped depression in the sand is often the only visible sign that the bivalve is present.
Razor clams filter the water and live on  plankton and other food floating in the water , especially algae . Razor clams are edible shellfishand are fished with special ships.
Meromar Seafoods BV is fisherman , producer and trader of this very tasty shellfish. This product can be delivered both fresh and frozen, and is mainly exported to Southern European where it serves as a starter or in addition to, and in many dishes . We also see this product becoming more common in restaurants in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

Meromar Seafoods BV supplies the Razors in various sizes.

Different packages for this product are available.
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