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Surf Clams

The surf clam has a very thick shell. The summit is located approximately in the middle . The exterior is almost smooth with only growth lines . The flattened portion on both sides of the fan-shaped top is grooved. Fresh specimens are cream or white / gray in color . The surf clam lives in the deep sea , from 10 to 100 meters deep. The surf clam is difficult to distinguish from the oval surf clam and the truncated clam. The oval surf clam is smooth on the side. The truncated clam looks more triangular than the other two. The large oval surf clam is thinner.

Surf clams are widely used in the seafoodmix. But for some years now, the product has been replaced by cheap variants which often are from the Middle East .

Meromar Seafoods BV can deliver this product in various shapes and sizes.

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